”SHIBORI” is a type of resist dyeing in which certain areas on the cloth are reserved from dyeing by binding dots, stitching, or clamping and squeezing the cloth between boards. Different from other dyeing techniques, such as YUZEN or KATA-ZOME, SHIBORI creates a raised and wrinkled surface on the finished work. The cloth feeling voluminous because of these raised dots and wrinkles, a characteristic feature of this technique.

Flow of processing
Fabric → Designing → sketch → Tying → Bleaching → Dyeing → Untying → Adjust steaming → Product


”TSUMAMI” craftsmanship Fold a cloth of a small squares with tweezers make a motif in a combination of it's shape.

Quality and safety control organization

Quality and safety control organization put into practice until we sent goods to you
We put "quality and safety standards" into practice across the country.

Test Photo

JIS=Japanese Industrial Standard
The JIS standard is a national standard established with the goal of attempting to advance production equipment, improve quality, and so forth.

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